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The Parisian Macau

The Parisian, the new casino complex funded by Las Vegas

Sands Corp. The luxury hotel houses 3,000 hotel rooms.

offers 450 gambling tables and 2,50o slot machines.It

features a half-scaled replica of the Eiffel Tower and it is said to be the biggest replica in the world. In order to

present the historical monument in its full glory, the team

of architects and designers had drawn over 4,500 pieces of

the draft. The Tower itself was made with 2,800 tons of steel,

used over 853,00 decorative rivets, covered by 6,600 light

bulbs, and powered by 26 kilometers of power cords.

In order to build the replica of the glorious Eiffel Tower

that has a height of 16om, we supplied a unit of Wolff 630B

luffing jib tower crane for this project. The main challenge

here was the pyramidal design of the Tower and the fact

that the tower was not made of solid concrete. In other

words, mounting a number of wall ties might distort the

structure. In this case, with the aid of several rigid mast

sections(TV29), the crane can free stand up to 48 meters

and reach 93.1 meters with only one set of wall ties.

Despite the project's many challenges, we still managed to

complete the project with outstanding performance.

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