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Main Components

30 m basic jib, extensions up to 70 m in 5 m steps, tower top with access, slewing frame with cabin, two slewing gears, ball race bearing with central lubrication unit and slip ring system.
Counter jib with hoist and luffing winch, switch cabinet and

Drive Technique

All drives frequency controlled squirrel cage motors, fully thermal protected. Hoisting winch Hw 40132 FU. Two slewing gears with electrically operated weathervaning device. Automatic windforce compensation controls. Luffing winch Ew 12110 FU.

Electrical Equipment

Multivoltage equipment for supplies from 380 V to 460 V at 50/60 cycles. Electronic safety crane controls with bus technology. Incremental absolute encoders for all operating movements. Electronic load measuring device. Multilingual graphic display showing information to operator, both operational and diagnostics.

Safety Devices

Crane is complete with electronic overload protection system.
Increased load moment limitation due to automatic hoist speed reduction. Menu guided setting of overload protection system and of all limiters from operator’s cabin. Working space limiter, anti-collision interface. Electronic controlled level luffing.

In series with

Teleservice module and wind indicator.

Tower Elements, Climbing Device

Tower configuartion of WOLFF system tower elements. WOLFF slug bolt connection. Detachable hydraulic WOLFF system climbing device KWH 23.

Undercarriage, Crossframe

As travelling version on WOLFF system KRF with gauge of 8,0 m. For stationary installations on KR series. Alternative on foundation anchors.

Power Requirements and hook paths (Slewing part)

235 kVA (Hw 40132 FU). Hook path – see table of mechanisms.

Wolff 700B

  • BGL classification C.0.11.0710
    Norms EN 14439
    Max. load capacity 50.0 t
    Max. jib radius 70.0 m
    Rope falls 1 | 2 | 3
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