In Proficiency (HK), we understand each construction is a tough row to hoe. Main Contractors aims to solve the urging issue in the most cost-efficient way, but they are often overwhelmed by the variety of equipment brands and options. Proficiency (HK) is here to bridge this gap between the contractor and the manufacturer, as we seek only the best equipment customised just for our clients. Just send us your enquires and our team of professional engineers will solve your problem at the drop of a hat.

KUGNEZUG Double-girder overhead crane
• Oval girder cranes save up to 30% of dead weight
• Spans up to 50m and capacities up to 350t
• Reduction of building height by extra low headroom
• Deployable for very heavy application
• Plain girder construction available
• Fully customizable

We have supplied the following model to COD
Kϋhnezug Single girder overhead crane
• Spans up to 50 m and capacities up to 63 t
• Optimized lifting height
• High reliability and high overload reserves
• Environmental-friendly and low energy consumption cranes
• Plain girder constructions available
• Fully customizable
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