In Proficiency (HK), we understand each construction is a tough row to hoe. Main Contractors aims to solve the urging issue in the most cost-efficient way, but they are often overwhelmed by the variety of equipment brands and options. Proficiency (HK) is here to bridge this gap between the contractor and the manufacturer, as we seek only the best equipment customised just for our clients. Just send us your enquires and our team of professional engineers will solve your problem at the drop of a hat.

All    Kobelco    Liebherr 

Type Crawler crane

Boom Length 32m of longer upon request

Counter Weight 32.5t

Max. Capacity 120t
Liebherr HS 895
YOM 2005

(Length x Width) 17500 mm x 6800 mm

Type Crawler Crane

Potencia motor 605 kW

Boom Length up to 84.2m

Counter Weight 55.1t
Max. Capacity 200
(with Heavy Duty boom head)

Condition Excellent
Kobelco 7250
(Length x Width) 10335 mm x 7470 mm

Boom Length 64.1m (plus fly jib 51.8 m)

Counter Weight 97.1t

Max. Capacity 250t

Hook Block 70t hook
plus 13.5t ball hook
Type Crawler crane

Boom Length 61m (plus fly jib 30m)

Counter Weight 80.6t

Max. Capacity 250t

Hook Block Ball hook plus 80t
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