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System Scaffolding

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Today Scafom-rux is an acknowledged leader of the global scaffolding, formwork and shoring business.
Headquartered by Scafom-rux Holding in the Netherlands, the group is well positioned to respond rapidly to market trends in all the key markets of Europe, Asia, and North and South America, as well as the emerging commercial centres of Africa.

Scafom-rux controls the supply chain with its own product development, production and business units.
The company’s management, production and delivery systems are compliant with recognised quality and sustainable business standards, as outlined by ISO 9001 and EN-BS 12810/12811/12812 and AS-NZS 1576/4576.

For Hong Kong and Macau territories, Scafom-rux has chosen to partner with the local company Proficiency HK Ltd. for the distribution of its scaffolding-shoring materials and engineering solutions. Proficiency HK Ltd. is a well-know and reputed Crane specialist for 40 years, with great construction and infrastructure experience

Our partnership combines the international knowledge of a premium manufacturer with the essential ability and expertise of a local partner. This way, we are here to serve your projects and the most demanding of your requirements. THIS IS OUR PROMISE TO YOU!

Smart details, Great Solutions!

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Stair Towers
Stair Towers

The benefits of superior scaffolding, formwork and shoring systems are simply not possible without a wide variety of well-designed and safe, technical solutions for stairs and stair tower assemblies, from simple ladders to spacious stairways. These are integrated into the Scafom-rux range…from simple ladders and spacious stairways and ladder platforms to lightweight aluminium staircases for renovation and façade scaffolding. Welded (load capacity 2kN/m2) and demountable steel stairs (load capacity 3kN/m2) and Emergency/Public Access steel stairs (load capacity 7.5 kN/m2) are also logical components of the Scafom-rux Stair Tower range. In 4 or 10 leg configurations, a steel stair tower for building heights up to 60m. First and last treads are included in the stair, so no extra components are required. Handrail standard face braces can be used. The 4 leg configuration uses consoles with decks as circulation platform.

Modular scaffolding

RINGSCAFF® is the star performer of every Scafom-rux Professional Scaffolding system.  Versatile and exceptionally stable, RINGSCAFF® is compatible with conventional, modular scaffolding systems. It guarantees international standards of functionality, safety, adaptability and durability. However, RINGSCAFF® has its own approval certificates – thanks to separate, external and internationally recognized test procedures – which allow RINGSCAFF® to be mixed with compatible systems.

Application: Façade scaffolding, support structures, complex access, industrial scaffolding, off-shore sector, shipbuilding.
Load bearing capacity up to 6 kN
Rapid assembly and disassembly
Own approval: Z-8.22-869 (EN 12810/12811) and AS/NZS 1576-4576
Mixed material approval 07 dimension: Z-8.22-901
Mixed material approval 09 dimension: Z-8.22-911

Modular scaffolding
Shoring scaffold